Waz Up Funk Lovers?

Funks Most Wanted

A must for FMW is a high energy party happening on the stage, just like the party on the dance floor. (Left-right:) Vocalist Stuart "Stu B", Thomas, vocalist Clay "Cashmere" Watkins, Mark "Hatchett" Hughes on bass, vocalist Rulon "Master Ru" Davis, keyboardist Dana "Tuf" Allen, lead guitarist Michael "The Pope" Pope, and drummer Darryl "PaPa D" Marsh.
~ Photo credit: Jolene Crowley

Funk music is international, playing songs everyone can dance to no matter the age. Flashy outfits and routines pleasing to the eyes give the feel of a concert atmosphere. FMW prides itself on being able to take an audience down memory lane with tunes familiar to all ears. We are able to conform to any type of event from corporate to weddings. Having a party? No matter how big or small, you are guaranteed a great time at your event! We play everything from Funk and top 40, to Jazz, Soft Rock as well as R&B. At the current time Funks Most Wanted is in the studio recording original songs all written and produced by FMW. We look forward to sharing the new tunes with you as well as performing for you real soon. Look for our CD this Summer!

Funks Most Wanted Video Promo


FMW Wins 5th Annual
Ultimate Music Challenge

1st Place = $25,000 purse

After competing against three bands in the final competition of the Ultimate Music Challenge's 2011 season, Funk's Most Wanted was awarded the $25,000 1st place prize on Sunday, Oct. 23 in the Dreamcatcher Lounge at Viejas Casino in Alpine, Calif.

Since the competition, which began with 40 bands last August, FMW signed a one-year contract with Viejas and will be performing about once-a-month in their Dreamcatcher Lounge. Check the calendar to see upcoming dates.

FMW at first UMC competition

"FUNKS MOST WANTED is one of the few bands in UMC history that fires on all 12 cylinders, all of the time (or, at least, they've done it twice now). Every bit of it—the big stuff, the little stuff, the in-between stuff—was all nailed."

"Funk’s Most Wanted are a bluey, cool collective that has tapped into that mysterious, magical place that reminds me of the dark side of the moon, or better yet, the funk side of the moon. Not only did they have everything working on the first dimension – The showmanship, interaction, choreography, vocals, harmonies, set list, solos, charisma, costumes, tone, pace and dynamics – but these guys have tapped into the Fifth Dimensions too."

"When they played 'Just My Imagination' – the second most beautiful love song ever written – it put them into a league of their own. Halfway in, their victory was pretty much sealed. At that point, they could have closed with an all-ukulele cover of 'My Ding-a-Ling,' done in the style of Tiny Tim, with a 50-minute tuba solo, and still don’t think they could’ve blown that win. And, 'Just my Imagination' was not only a fabulous performance, in and of itself, but it was a fantastic setup for the big finish, 'Jungle Love,' which fired on every musical element imaginable. There was even one moment when I was thinking to myself, well, the guitarist hasn’t done much yet, he’s probably not much of a solois … And here comes the motherflippin’ guitar player, popping our brains open with a solo to top every other solo of the evening."

-- Ed Decker, UMC judge and Sordid Tales columnist,
San Diego CityBeat magazine


coming soon - new CD